Thursday, May 10, 2012

Review: The 2012 Book Blogger Cookbook (Blog Tour)

Title: The 2012 Book Blogger’s Cookbook
Author: Christy Dorrity


“Great books, bloggers, and recipes meet in this second volume of a fresh and unique cookbook that helps you experience books, not just read them.  This year's volume features even more tasty reads, recipes and book bloggers.

Books were selected from the author’s book review blog and paired with delectable recipes like “Caramel Crack” from Shatter Me, by Tahereh Mafi, "Everliving Soup" from Brodi Ashton's Everneath, and "Jagged Ham" from Elana Johnson's Possession.
Mouthwatering photos complement every recipe.

The 2012 Book Blogger’s Cookbook includes a foreword by David Farland, award winning, New York Times Bestselling author, and showcases more than one hundred reviews with links to book review blogs and author websites.

Whether you're a food lover, an avid reader or a book blogger, there’s something for you in The 2011 Book Blogger’s Cookbook.”

The purpose of this cookbook is to flawlessly combine: fantastic must-read books, delicious can’t-wait-to-try recipes, and some enthusiastic opinions that taunt the reader to delve deeper.  Personally, the only thing I like better than reading is eating, and to see all these recipes that compliment my favorite books is sheer perfection!

The book choices: I really like that almost all of the teen books that were chosen are familiar titles to me.  The fact that many are books that I have read and loved really makes me anticipate all the other books listed even more.  Though I am less familiar with the middle grade and adult books mentioned, I can still make the recipes even if the books don’t turn out to be my thing! 

The recipes:  I LOVE all the recipes that are presented in this cookbook.  Seriously, I want to eat them all RIGHT NOW.  I am pleasantly surprised to find that this cookbook contains more than one different type of dish.  It doesn’t just have frou-frou deserts or only appetizers.  No.  This cookbook has a variety of different delectables ranging from ribs, to cakes, to bubble tea.  The other thing I like about the 2012 Book Blogger Cookbook is the layout and presentation of each section which is especially helpful for the books I have already read.  The recipes aren’t just randomly thrown together.  For each recipe/book combination there is an explaination as to why they fit together.  This really makes them seem that much more enticing.

The bloggers:  Having direct quotes from bloggers for each individual book is honestly a really good idea.  It really helps bridge the gap between author and reviewer, as well as provides some great new authors and bloggers that I can stalk!

Overall: I really like this book as a whole, and I think all of the different parts are very well thought out and executed making this entire book shine.  This cookbook was truly a pleasure to read, and I cannot wait to try out one (or two or three) of the recipes!

The Cover:

I‘m a little disappointed that the cover of the 2012 Book Blogger Cookbook leans more towards a cookbook type cover rather than a fantasy whimsical type cover.  But, it certainly does fit the book, and the cover goes beautifully with book one, the 2011 Book Blogger Cookbook.

I give this book 5 out of 5 hearts: Very Highly Recommended!

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*Yes I AM listed in the cookbook :) if you would like to see my quotes they are under Bound, Divergent and Carrier of the Mark*

So, what do you guys think... is this cookbook for you? 


  1. Lauren,

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  2. Just got this book. Haven't read it yet, but scanned through some of the recipes. LOVE IT!!!

    And Lauren, DUDETTE!! You're almost to 1000 followers. That's freakin' AWESOME!!!

    *ahem* (Broken's done, btw)

    1. The recipes look really yummy! I cannot wait to make them!

      Yeah I know the 998 is taunting me. Seriously. I do have to agree that it is freakin' AWESOME though ;)

      *Ahem* Don't try to slide that little bit of info under my radar!! AHHHH!! :)

  3. Beautiful your design.

    Stopping by from the list for the tour of THE 2012 BOOK BLOGGER'S COOK BOOK.

    Nice to meet you.

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  4. So cool that your quotes are featured. I'm reading it now and I'll watch for them.