Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (#15)

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Todays topic: Jacob vs. Edward (Yes I mean Twilight) 

My Answer: Personally I have problems with both of them (please don't attack me!!).  Though both characters disappointed me I would have to choose Edward as my favorite.  (SPOILERS AHEAD) Jacob lost the race when he imprinted on the baby, for me!! What about you guys do you prefer Edward or Jacob?

What about YOU? Do you prefer Jacob or Edward?

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  1. Okay, in the books, I was all for Edward. But then in the movies, I am more for Jacob. As attractive as Robert Pattinson is, he really isn't what I pictured for Edward. I agree that neither was perfect, but then really, who is?

  2. Oh my gosh, how could I have forgotten about the imprinting?? One of the worst parts of Breaking Dawn imo. Yet another reason I'd pick Edward over Jacob lol.

  3. To quote a piece of flair from a long time ago...ahem...

    "Jacob Black can go die"

    Those are my feelings on that.

    Edward Cullen can go die too...except he can't die, so...crap.

    I do not care for either one...but I like Edward better. ...No, that's a lie. He's a butt too. Grr. Um...yeah I don't care for either. I like Edward/Bella better than Jacob/Bella though. I think it would have been better had Jacob not been anything special at all...then I would have liked him more.

  4. I feel like I'm a bit too past my Twilight phase to really want to pick either one... but book-wise, I'd choose Edward. He had some romantic moments.
    But movie-wise.... Taylor Lautner, I mean, Jacob for sure!

  5. I am not really for either because I think they both have their pros and cons- but I would pick Edward. The imprinting thing is big, but also I think Jacob gave Bella too many problems (or comments) about Edward.