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April Fandom of the Month Unboxing + Giveaways

The Fandom of the Month is a monthly subscription service that will send you 3-4 pieces of fandom inspired jewelry for a surprise fandom. The boxes start at $13 for one month and decrease slightly in price as you bundle months together!

*This post will contain spoilers for the April 2016 FOTM Box*

This month I bought a one month subscription to The Fandom of the Month Club because I had heard so many great things about it and had to experience it for myself. When I received the box in the mail I was initially surprised by the size of it (I had expected it to be bigger) but this box really embodied the "good things come in small packages" proverb. With each new discovery I found myself growing more and more excited for what was to come! First of all, this box is adorable. The owl is super cute and I loved how each side of the box had a version of the logo on it. The box was easy to open and I just had to slice through a little tape to get inside.
Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.
Read more at:
Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.
Read more at:
Notice the small things. The rewards are inversely proportional.
Read more at:

I definitely paused here to read this cute definition of fandom; which made me smile. This is just one example of the detail in this box!


The next two things inside my box was this adorable themed membership card and a lion magnet. When I first opened the box I thought that maybe this was the ship from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters...until I saw the lion magnet and I realized that it's the DAWN TREADER. Duh, Lauren. 

If you haven't figured it out at this point I will tell you... IT'S A NARNIA BOX!!! I must say that I was slightly worried when I signed up for this box because I knew that they had already done Lord of the Rings (so sad I missed this one :'( ), Once Upon a Time (also very sad!), Star Wars and The Hunger Games. I honestly stalked ebay to see if anyone was selling the LOTR or Once Upon a Time ones because they looked THAT good. I couldn't help but wonder what could possibly be left that I would enjoy. 

It's like they know me in the best possible way and they have proven to me that they know how to keep picking winning fandoms!
One signatures of this subscription box is that the jewelry comes in one of these gorgeous cloth bags. This one has Reepicheep and a wonderful rallying quote from him.

You cannot even pretend that he isn't the most adorable sword-wielding mouse you've ever seen! Inside of this adorable pouch where three pieces of Narnia inspired jewelry:

 These little earrings are of the fierce and majestic great lion, Aslan. I love the detail on these and I can definitely tell what they are. Unfortunately, I had two problems with these when I went to put them on. the first problem was that the posts are attached to the back end of the lion. What this means is that unless you want this giant cat's tail facing forward, you have to but the earrings in backwards. This is completely doable it is just awkward and takes more time than normal. The second problem that I had was just a matter of personal taste; I didn't like how far out from my ear lope the lion head came. Because I have sensitive ears anyway and I am not sure what these are made with I am currently planning to use them as lapel pins when I'm feeling fancy.

This bracelet symbolizes each of the seven books in this series and I think that it is beautiful. I really like how there are so many different colors in this bracelet because if no one knew what it meant they would still think that it was really pretty.

This last piece of jewelry is my favorite of the bunch:

This is a locket style necklace of the Narnia wardrobe. I love the color of this necklace, the detail work on the door, the length of the chain, and (of course) the picture of the lamppost inside! I think that this is such a perfect representation of the fandom and I am so glad to see it included in the box. 

The only problem at all with this necklace is that the hinge is a little hard to open. It makes me more cautious about opening it because it does make me feel like I might break it accidentally. Otherwise, it's practically perfect.

Overall I loved this subscription box and I think that I will be signing up for another month! Let me know what you think of this month's box and/or if you have participated in a subscription service yourself before. 

Giveaway #1:
The Chronicles of Narnia (Chronicles of Narnia, #1-7)
In honor of the Narnia theme for the month of April, I will be giving away a copy of Narnia. This is a paperback that contains all seven books in the series! Unfortunately I am only able to do this giveaway for the US only because shipping would be to expensive internationally.

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Giveaway #2:

This giveaway will be international so that everyone will have a chance to win! The winner can choose any book up to $18 from the book depository. This could be one of the Narnia books or something completely different! 
*This giveaway is only applicable if the book depository will ship to your location!*

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