Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Bloody Little Secrets

Title: Bloody Little Secrets
Author: Karly Kirkpatrick

Book summary:

“17-year-old Vicky Hernandez has a big problem. She's dead.  Or not quite.  After discovering she's been turned into a vampire, she tries to settle into a quiet suburb of Chicago and return to a normal life.  If only she could stop wanting to bite her boyfriend.  Not to mention she is dying to find out who turned her, and why.  She doesn't have to wait long before they come to her.”

Has anyone ever told you that it’s fun to wake up incased in darkness and confined in a coffin?  Yeah, they lied.  Vicky Hernandez wakes up buried alive only to learn that… well… she’s not really still alive, or is she?  Astounded by mysterious traits that don’t all seem to add up, Vicky is only sure of one thing: she has to get out of this town.  Vicky leaves her home (and two dead bodies) behind to start over in Chicago where she meets five amazing friends that will change her life forever.

I feel very connected to Vicky’s character; from the beginning, I sensed that she had a very distinct personality.  One thing that stands out about Vicky is that she is not a weak little victim who hides behind her boyfriend; she is a very strong independent female lead that is very refreshing.  Bloody Little Secrets is a fantastic novel that clearly illustrates the importance of trusting in oneself and the amazing impact the small act of acceptance can have on a person.  The only thing that really bothers me about this book after I finished it was that it feels like there are a few loose ends that haven’t been tied up.  Bloody Little Secrets moves along quickly and leaves you curious as to how things will unfold.  This spin on the realm of vampires puts a fresh feel to life after death and leaves you wondering --- when can I join?

The cover:
The front cover of this book is, in my opinion, a very good choice.  The girl’s piercing gaze drew my attention immediately and, the further I read into the book, the more fitting the cover appeared.  All in all a stellar cover for a fang-tastic novel! 

I give this book 4 out of 5 hearts: great book!

For more on Karly Kirkpatrick visit her website here: Karly Kirkpatrick

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  1. Wow! Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it! I agree with you in terms of female leads, I definitely feel like we could benefit from more of them! More Katniss, less Bella! :D

    1. Your welcome! YES, alpha-females are wonderful...and it doesn't hurt to have an adoring boyfriend on the side (:

  2. Sounds like an interesting book! :)

  3. +JMJ+

    Hmmmmm. I'm not sure what you mean by "the act of acceptance." Does that mean Vicky makes her peace with death or that she makes her peace with vampirism?

  4. Wow! New book for me. Thanks for the review, excuse me while I dash off to add to my wishlist.

  5. Strong female lead.... yes please! It sounds like a really interesting book. I would love to read it. And while it is free on amazon....