Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One on One with C.K. Bryant

"Christine has always been a writer. Even before she could compose a single word with pen, she scribbled her version of cursive along the open page just to see what it looked like. As a teen, she swiped her dad's old Royal typewriter so her muse could breathe life into what her vivid imagination had created. 

She's spent the last twenty-five years married to the man of her dreams and raising their two sons. After helping run the family restaurant for most of their marriage, Christine finally broken away to pursue her dream of being an author. 

When she's not with her family or tickling the computer keys, she loves camping, reading, scrapbooking, listening to all kinds of music, and making new friends. 

Christine [is] currently living in the middle of sage brush and lava rock with a spectacular view of the Snake River Canyon in South Central Idaho." 

For more about C.K. Bryant visit her website here:


1. What is your favorite Television show/Movie?
A:  Oh, man. I have so many. I absolutely love HAVEN. I also like to watch GHOST HUNTERS, SURVIVOR & HAWAII FIVE-O. Don't snort at the last one. I'm totally in love with Alex O'Loughlin and will watch him in absolutely anything. He used to star as a vampire in MOONLIGHT. LOVED that show. *fans self*

2. What was your inspiration for Bound?
A:  ACK!  This sounds so cliche. Like . . . couldn't I come up with an original answer to this question? *ahem* Okay, brace yourself. It was a dream. See, I told you it was cliche. *shakes head* So embarrassing.

3. What's a perfect day for you? (sunny, rainy, etc.)
A:  I have to close my eyes for this one because I don't think it exists in my world. *deep breath* Aw, there it is. I wake up to the pulsing beat of a ceiling fan as it circulates the ocean breeze drifting through the open window. Crisp white sheets drape across my body and hunk I'm all tangled up with. Waves crash up on the beach a short distance from us. We'll walk there later, but not before he makes me eggs benedict, fresh squeezed orange juice and massages my scalp while washing my hair. *cough* Yeah, right. Honestly, I'd be happy with a bowl of Cheerios, a glass of Tang and two hours of uninterrupted time to write. The beach would be nice, though.

4. How difficult was it for you to make up a whole new world?
A:  Ha!  I have a warped imagination, so not difficult at all. For me, creating is the easy part of writing.

5. In 1-2 sentences please explain why we should read Bound?
A:  Bound is one of those books where you can completely lose yourself in the story, forget about your own problems, and experience something that makes you feel emotions you never knew you had. We all need to get away from reality once in a while and reading Bound can do that.

6. What do you do when you experience the dreaded writer's block?
A:  UGH!  I think writer's block is different for each writer. Some get stuck in their story and have trouble figuring out where to take it next, while others dry up and have no words to give. I've never had problems like that. I lay awake nights trying to shut my brain down because it's so full of ideas and words. Writer's block comes to me when I can't get into my "ZONE." There are so many distractions in life, so many things on my do-list that call to me—email, blogging, *ahem* interviews, etc.—that drag me away from my writing, that when I finally get the time to do it, I often FREEZE and forget how to write. I wish I had a cure, but to be honest, I just have to glue my butt to the chair and not leave until the words start spewing onto the computer screen.

7. What is one thing you have never done but always wanted to try?
A:  I actually have a very long "bucket" list, but if I had to choose one thing, I'd love to go to New York and see a Broadway musical.

8. Do you have a music playlist for Bound?
A:  I WISH! There have been a few songs that have come and gone during the writing process, but I've never made a list. I'd LOVE it if some fans did that for me—sent me a song or two that made them think of the story between Kira and Octavion. Or even the friendship between Kira and Lydia.

Thanks for asking me to be your guest today, Lauren. It's been fun.

Thanks Christine, I had a blast!  This interview put a smile on my face and I hope it has done the same to everyone who has read it.  Make sure you check out her blog:  For more information about her book BOUND you can read my review here:  BOUND.  Happy Reading!


  1. VERY cool! I'm definitely going to add "Bound" to my list of books to read! :D

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! BOUND is a winner. :)

  2. Thanks for a great interview, Lauren. It's been so much fun getting to know you better and being able to see your new blog blossom and take on a life of its own. You're awesome!!


    1. Thank you for participating and helping me get started. You are truly amazing! (:

  3. Great interview, C.K. and Lauren. Bound sounds fabulous!!

  4. Great interview! It think it really helps the mood of the story when you can get to know the Author and here first hand how they feel about the story. Christine is a GREAT writer and a wonderful person to get to know! R.M. Olsen :)

    1. I agree! Knowing the Author helps you read the book with a different tone. (:

  5. I agree with Lauren! Knowing the author makes you crave their work. And C.K seems so down to earth...refreshing!

    1. Oh, I know. Especially after you have read the book once, then talked with the author, then reread. Such different thoughts and emotions come out!