Saturday, January 28, 2012


       So this week I was really slapped over the head in regards to publicizing my blog... I mean if I just sat here everyday and wrote a post no one would ever find out that this blog existed.  No one.  Okay, maybe one or two people would stumble across it but they probably wouldn't care and certainly wouldn't be interested enough to spread the word. 
                 What does this have to do with me being slapped over the head you ask?  Not much, other than the fact that I didn't have a Twitter.  I've always had the motto that Facebook was for 'the mildly curious' while Twitter was for the stalkers, and maybe it is a little.  Maybe.  This week I realized that Twitter is actually a good way to spread the word about anything, not just a blog.  So I caved and made an account.  Yep.  You heard me.  I got a Twitter.  If you would like to stal-- err follow me @epiloguereview that would be lovely :)

    In other news I am busy reading, reviewing, and relaxing over this weekend… what are you doing this weekend?


  1. Hi Lauren! Social networking can be so time consuming, but if you plug along, eventually the word will get out. I suggest finding a Twitter button to put in your sidebar to make it easy for people to follow you. I'm not sure where Christine found the one for the Indelibles blog, but it's the cutest thing. I suggest googling "twitter buttons."

  2. Oh, that's an awesome idea, I will look for both a Twitter and a Facebook page button. Your right about it being easier if you can just click and go straight to it. :D Thank you for your advice, hopefully it will encourage more people to join!

  3. I felt the same way about Twitter, never had any interest in it before I started my blog, but I went ahead and signed up to, and yeah, I can see a difference. I don't have many followers, and I don't tweet all that much, but I think that will grow over time. I'll hop over and follow you, sista! We can figure out the twitter thing as we go along. I'm still undecided as to whether I want to do a FB account. Twitter may be enough for now:) Tomorrow, I'm posting a little something about how Pinterest could bring traffic to your book blog. Check it out if you are interested! New follower!

    1. Yeah I will make sure to follow you back :) I definitely notice a difference having a Twitter... I have always had a Facebook, but I just made a Page for my blog :)I will be sure to hop by for your Tumbler post!