Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday (#12)

So sorry for not being around this past week, I took the time to get things done for colleges and to get ahead on reading. Which means some awesome reviews will be coming soon! ;)

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Todays topic:
Peeta vs. Gale

My Answer:  if I'm being completely honest I have to admit it has been a LONG time since I read The Hunger Games series.  My answer here is from what I remember thinking WHILE reading the books... so it might be a little off what I would think now. I remember when I first read The Hunger Games I really liked Gale and I was really, really annoyed that Peeta was viewed as a love interest. Over the course of the books I remember coming over to Peeta's side because he seemed to make her happiest.  Besides I am more than okay with Gale being left open for me. ;)

What about YOU? Do you prefer Peeta or Gale? 

Next weeks topic: Adult fiction vs. Ya fiction

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  1. Peeta all the way! I loved him in the last book so much!

  2. I love Peeta.. especially the last line of Mockingjay <3! But for me, I would pick Finnick!

    BTW.. there's no where to link the discussion like last week. Here's my whole weigh in: http://booknerdash.blogspot.com/2012/07/weigh-in-wednesday_10.html

  3. Peeta for me :) but I liked your explanation. Very sly, very clever, Lauren ;) I see what you did theeeerre!!

    I've linked mine up as well ^_^

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  4. To be honest, I didn't really care for either of them. They were both kind of 'meh' for me, for different reasons. I never did buy either of them as a love interest for Katniss and especially not Peeta. Gale was more believable in that case, but we all know how that ended up.

    Now Finnick, on the other hand... :P

  5. I liked Gale, and I agree with you, Lauren--I was annoyed that Peeta was supposed to be a love interest for Katniss. Once the games started, I began liking Peeta but still wanted Gale to end up with her. Maybe it's just me, but in Mockingjay, did anyone else think Gale was kind of a jerk some of the time? Maybe I'm remembering the book wrong?

  6. I haven't finished the series yet (I know shame on me) but at this point I have to go with Gale.

  7. I have also been busy and haven't had a chance to participate in WiW lately, but I am hoping to next (or actually this) week for sure:)

    Oh, and I definitely prefer Peeta:)