Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday (#13)


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Todays topic: Adult Fiction vs. Ya Fiction

My Answer:  I adore YA fiction and it is by far my favorite of the two genres. I think the reason I like Ya so much is that it connects to my life so much.  When you read an adult fiction story you have to look pretty hard to find one that fits your life enough for you to enjoy it.  Ya almost always fits my life because most teenagers go through the same things.  Parental angst, school troubles, boy/girl problems... most everyone goes through it.  That's why I prefer Ya Fiction to Adult Fiction

What about YOU? Do you prefer adult fiction or YA fiction? 

Next weeks topic: light blog background vs dark blog background

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  1. Although I love & read a lot of YA books, before writing this week's WiW post, I realised I actually prefer adult fiction! Why? Check out my WiW post ;)

    Great theme this week!

  2. For me, it's entirely mood dependant. I think depending how I'm feeling will then influence what I want to read. There are times when only YA will satisfy me. Other times I want something more adult and less adolescent.

    I love YA because even though I'm no longer a teenager and I'm well into my twenties - I can still relate to their problems and their worries and experiences. I love reading about innocent first loves and betrayal in high school. Parenting problems - I've been though that and I like that even though I'm not there any more, reading about makes me feel like I can understand it.

    But then with adult fiction... there are times when I want to read about issues that I'm facing now or using more sophisticated plot lines that you don't see in YA.

    I hope I made sense. It's nearly midnight and I was going to go to bed but got distracted :P

    Thanks for the question :)

  3. I agree with Kate, it's mood dependent for me.

  4. I prefer YA even though I'm technically an adult I guess, lol. I just turned 31 (yikes!) and I think I'll read YA forever. What makes reading YA interesting for me is that I read it from two perspectives--that of a former teenager and that of a parent. IMO, it seems like a lot of adult fiction is romance, mystery, crime thrillers...and those aren't as interesting to me as the subgenres in YA. :)

  5. I like both and read both. My reading always depends on my mood. I probably read more adult than YA. :)

  6. I like YA better as well. Adult books are okay, but I enjoy YA more.