Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Thoughtless

Title: Thoughtless
Author: Jacqueline Gardner

Book Summary:

“When Bridget finds a dead cheerleader in the janitor’s closet, she becomes the killer’s next target. High school just got worse. It’s bad enough that she can hear the shocking truths that pass through her classmate’s heads. Now she has to worry about staying alive, and all clues point to the one person whose thoughts she can’t read - her boyfriend Terrence. Someone is taunting her, threatening to expose her secret. And when Bridget tries to single out her blackmailer, she’s nearly beaten to death by a mind controlled minion with fiery eyes.

But when Bridget finally comes face-to-face with the killer, suddenly a horde of brainwashed students programmed to destroy her life doesn’t seem so bad.”

Bridget has always been a little different, her normal routine? Get up, go to school, ignore the disgusting thoughts of the high school boys and judgmental thoughts of the girls, and go home.  All the while she has to make sure to keep her abnormal ability a secret and staying out of the spotlight is a good way to start.  Until she finds the body of a cheerleader in the janitor’s closet.  Bridget’s world is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

When I first read the premise for Thoughtless I wasn’t sure what to think… I was a little worried it would be to dark and disturbing for my tastes—I mean it DOES start off with an immediate death—but then I decided it would be worth it!  The summary sounds interesting and I think it will be an enjoyable, fast read.

Thoughtless started great, I was excited for the characters and Bridget’s ability, and it looked like it was going to be a fantastic thriller/mystery/romance.  Than quite a few things happened.  First Bridget throws caution to the wind and goes gaga over this new guy, she immediately can’t get enough of him and blows off other people to be with him.  NOT the way I thought her character would act, AT ALL. So that was pretty disappointing.  Then she starts being a jerk to people who are just trying to help her, she says some really cruel things and, though she apologizes and regrets her words, it makes me think less of her.  With those two things aside her character seems like an average person who has ups and downs and comes across as a very realistic person who I might see walking in the halls of my school!

The storyline itself was really predictable for me, and there weren’t a whole lot of twists that I saw didn’t coming.  That doesn’t mean that they would be that way for everyone, but for me that’s what happened. I did like the whole mind control twist that was thrown in, it made the scenes when she is scared for her life (which she really should be) much more dramatic and believable… well if you discount the fact that mind control isn’t real. ;)

Though I had some problems with Thoughtless it really is a good, fast read and I enjoyed it!  Though it did end with a cliffhanger and I didn’t feel that the ending resolved much I am hoping that’s due to book two and that the answers lie there. I would definitely pick up book two to read because it was a entertaining, quick read… and the end leaves me with some SERIOUS questions!  I would recommend reading Thoughtless if you want something fast, action filled, and full of paranormal abilities!

The Cover:

I like how the girl on the cover has shocking white hair… it makes all the other colors on the cover really pop.  I also like how the house in the background has a older look.  When you combine it with the sliver of a moon it gives the cover a undertone of creepy!

I give Thoughtless 3 out of 5 hearts: Worth Reading.

Unsure if Thoughtless is the book for you? Right now you can get the eBook free!  Go ahead, try it and let me know what YOU think!


  1. Thanks for the free download link! I'll give it a chance. Good review.

  2. MMmmm...considers
    I'll always trust your reviews so I'll be brave and check this one out too! Great review! I wonder if it'll be predictable when I read it... -sometimes rather clueless person-

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian