Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Money Saver Special!!!

Hey guys! Due to my blog reaching 100 followers I put together a SUPER SPECIAL, MONEY SAVING post.  I WILL be doing a 100th follower GIVEAWAY in about a week when my current giveaway (top left of the blog) is over!  I know everyone likes to save money so I have put together a collection of some great looking eBooks.  That's not all.  Right now all of these eBooks are under $5, so act quickly. (:

Some Great reads for $4.99
(I have read, and really liked, all three of these books!)

Here are some books you can get for $3.99
(I have read three of these.  The other three are on my TBR pile)

These great looking books are just $2.99!
( I have read two of these.  The rest are on my TBR pile)

This is the JACKPOT folks: the $.99 eBooks!
(I have read four of these.  The others are on my TBR pile!)

The Freebies!
( I haven't read them, but they sound AWESOME!)

These are only a few of all the great eBooks under $5 so look around!  Also, if you don't have a kindle you can download the app for free onto your computer.  If you don't like electronic reading I believe all these books are available in paperback. :)

See something you like but you need more details? Check out my review page to see if I have reviewed it!


  1. Haven't stopped by in a while :) I've been super busy! I'm also super excited because I got a 75 dollar gift card to amazon for my kindle. o.O My aunt and uncle must love me alot. But ya! I don't know what I should buy with it xD But I'm probably going to wait since I'm so clogged with books I don't need anything else for the moment.

    1. WOW!! Was it for your birthday or something? Thats awesome! :) I'm sure you will find some awesome books to buy! Thanks for stopping by. (=

    2. Ya it was for my birthday :D And christmas. Since they hadn't sent a present for that yet. Ya I plan on waiting though. I have sooo many books it's insane. Also congrats on 100 followers! Im still in the 70's :( What am I doing wrong? xD

    3. Wrong? nothing! I would just say make sure you stay interactive! When you do the IMM and FF go around to other people and follow them. It sounds like a lot of work but it pays off :) Besides 75ish is still a HUGE AMOUNT for about 2 months!

  2. Congrats on reaching 100, way to go chica! But you are KILLING me putting all those pretty, pretty cover pictures up to tempt me! I have to save my $ (and coupons) and be good until Feb. 28 when Pandemonium releases! Congrats again!

    1. Thank you ;) I know those covers all grabbed me!! At least individually they are affordable. Pandemonium looks amazing, I can't wait for it! Thanks for stopping by =)